Announcing Gazette: a New Responsive Theme for OpenPublish

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Last month we released our first Beta of OpenPublish on Drupal 7. Included in the release is a brand new demo theme called Gazette. Built as a sub-theme of Frame and based on the Omega base theme, Gazette is a fully responsive and a mobile friendly theme. It was originally designed by Samantha Warren and then adapted for responsive design by Dave Ruse. We were excited to add it to OpenPublish in the Beta release as a demo theme to show just what OpenPublish can do.

Our goal with this theme was to demonstrate that OpenPublish can handle a large amount of dynamic content and mobile-friendly, while still looking attractive and appealing to the eye. This theme features the use of the League Gothic open source webfont.

Gazette homepage

Gazette homepage on the iPhone

As part of the development of Gazette, we incorporated the PhotoSwipe javascript library into core OpenPublish. The Photo Gallery content type now supports swipe events on touch enabled devices. This was a feature that we felt was crucial to highlighting the mobile-friendly aspect of OpenPublish and prepares site administrators for supporting mobile in the future. The touch photo gallery functionality was actually de-coupled from Gazette, and built as part of the openpublish_media feature so all themes will have this functionality by default.

Gazette’s code can serve as a solid demonstration for themers who are just beginning with Omega or OpenPublish. Frame is a base theme for OpenPublish developed by Jake Strawn. It is also a sub-theme of Omega so it inherits all of Omegas capabilities, while adding basic theme support for all of OpenPublish’s functionality. We deliberately chose to build Gazette as a sub-theme of Frame to demonstrate how this is done, and to help define some best practices.


David Coffey