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Advanced Configuration Management in Drupal 8
May 3, 2018 |

In Drupal 8, Configuration Management is part of Core rather than relying on the Features module. However, in practice, there are still many challenges remaining.

In his DrupalCon Nashville talk, Advanced Configuration Management in Drupal 8, Mike Potter, Phase2 Software Architect, discusses the various modules that are useful for managing configuration and provides examples of real-life use-cases where these modules are needed, as well as:

  • How to manage environment-specific or multi-site configuration (Config Split)
  • How to install sites using pre-defined configuration (Config Installer, Core patches)
  • How to create reusable configuration "templates" (Config Actions)
  • How to override configuration (Config Override vs Config Actions vs settings.php)
  • How to switch from a "Features-based" workflow to a more standard D8 config workflow
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