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Acquia Engage in Review: Phase2's Top Takeaways
November 27, 2019 |

Earlier this month, the Phase2 team descended on New Orleans with the goal of catching up on all things Acquia. With the recent Vista investment in Acquia (read our CEO’s remarks here), our team flew in from Washington, D.C., Austin, TX, and Portland, OR, prepared to take on the Big Easy, sharing knowledge and hearing from our partners, Acquians, prospective clients, and current clients.  

Between the sessions, keynotes, events, networking, and team bonding, here are the key takeaways we noted during our time at Acquia Engage: 

Digital Experiences for All 

This year’s event featured attendees from all walks of tech life. From experts to novices, attendees were able to customize their Engage experience to match their interests, and level of subject matter expertise. 

“Jake Johannsen, the moderator and comedian, gave us useful insights about how the digital world looks and feels for the not so tech-savvy person. It aligns with the view at Phase2, that there is a human element that can not be forgotten when building digital experiences.”  - Johanna Bergmann, Sr. Director of Partner Alliances & Market Research, Phase2

Personalization is Happening Now 

Personalization has made its way to the forefront of the digital user experience. At Acquia Engage, there was no shortage of discussion relating to this topic, confirming the importance of implementing a unique experience for every user. Phase2 Vice President of Business Development, Terry Stephenson, stated “the heavy focus on personalization was validating” as Phase2 continues to invest in being an industry leader in this emerging field, collaborating with our clients to ensure a strategic implementation of the technology. 

“It was validating to see how other healthcare providers like the ones we work with are also finding opportunities to implement personalization and digital patient experiences while complying with HIPAA.” - Jeff Walpole, CEO, Phase2

Leveraging Acquia’s Product Roadmap  

As a Preferred Partner, we have worked with Acquia to enhance client experiences through the implementation of personalized content and journey mapping. Products including Cloud Site Factory, DAM, and Lift have aided in elevating our clients’ digital strategies and platforms as they expand their user experience capabilities. 

“It was great to see Acquia’s product roadmap and how its suite is enabling partners like Phase2 to help create more relevant, anticipatory experiences for our clients.” - Terry Stephenson, Vice President of Business Development, Phase2

Acquia Engage was a great time to come together with other digital leaders, support our stellar partner, and gain insights on the new developments of this Drupal powerhouse.

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