80+ Contributors, New Documentation, and a Sneak Peek Webinar: Open Atrium 2 is Coming!

Danielle Miller, Associate Product Manager
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As Open Atrium 2 continues to make steady progress towards a full release, we have been floored -- and humbled -- by the contributions and time going into this distribution. More than 80 community members have contributed to Open Atrium and its numerous underlying modules.

With the distribution nearing a full release, we know that like any other open source project, Open Atrium is only as good as its documentation available to the community. So, we’re excited to announce that the OA2 documentation site is newly refreshed and up to date!

Built on Open Atrium 2 itself, the Open Atrium documentation site is for site builders using the Open Atrium Drupal 7 distribution for the first time, or exploring this software for potential use in your organization. We’ve focused in on areas like standard installation, content structure and hierarchy, users and permissions, and a high level overview of the features set. Continuing forward, we’ll be fleshing out content around specifics of the different features as well as adding a number of questions we’ve received from the community in the FAQ. Follow us on twitter @openatrium for the latest updates.

In addition, you’ll be able to find the most recent news and upcoming events for OA2 on this site. Be sure to catch our full release sneak peek webinar with OA2 technical lead Mike Potter and Pantheon’s Matt Cheney on October 18th from 11 AM - 12 PM EST. You can register here. Or, if you happen to be out at BADCamp at the end of the month, catch Mike Potter’s OA2 session and joint training with Pantheon.

For those devoted OA1 users, you may notice that this site structure seems a bit different from the original OA1 community site - and that’s because it is. In an attempt to keep as much on drupal.org as possible, we’ve decided the following:

  • For developers: all code and technical documentation (including code and documentation for Open Atrium’s underlying modules) will be housed on the OA Drupal.org project page. This is also where you’ll be able to find the code for OA 1.x.

  • Community discussions around OA 1.x will continue to be housed on the original community site. However, because OA 1.x is no longer in active development, Phase2’s sole effort and focus will be on materials and support for OA2 on D7 and the new documentation site.

  • The official issue queue is on Drupal.org: For any technical issues that you may encounter, please post them to the OA Drupal.org issue queue. That way others in the community can learn from the same questions and solutions that you’ve had and we can collaborate on them together. (Please note this queue is only for OA2 and any OA1.x issues will be removed)

For additional support and collaboration with your fellow OA2 users, head on over to the OA Drupal.org group. This is a great space to have larger discussions and make announcements around what you are doing with OA2. In fact, we’ve just started a new discussion around the ways organizations and people are using OA2 and who specifically is using it. Happen to be one of those users or know of a few? Join the conversation!

OA2 has already seen extraordinary contribution, and we want you to jump into the project! There is always more code, documentation, and theming to be done. OA2 is a distribution of Drupal and, while Phase2 acts as the maintainer for OA2, the project belongs to the community. We love being able to define the distribution as “proudly invented elsewhere” (even the phrase is, thanks webchick) as the underlying modules and themes are the work of the remarkable Drupal community.

Open Atrium has always been the work of an involved and passionate community. The coming 2.0 release could never have happened without the community and for that, we thank anyone who has contributed back. We’re incredibly thrilled about the amount of progress that has been made on OA2 in the past year and cannot wait to see the distribution continue to develop. If you have specific questions for Phase2 about our involvement with OA2 or are potentially interested in working with Phase2 on an OA2 build, feel free to contact us at openatrium@phase2technology.com!

Hope to see you at our webinar on October 18th or out at BADCamp!


Danielle Miller

Associate Product Manager