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19 for '19; Our Predictions for Next Year
December 3, 2018 |

OK, let's get this out of the way upfront: there are more than 19 predictions below.

But I'm in marketing (and in marketing when things don't fit neatly into a box, we get to use terms-of-art like "bonus" or "plus"). 

So, here are our 19+ predictions for next yearfrom team members, everywhere.

Some patterns that emerge: optimism toward AI and the benefits of machine learning in our everyday lives, trepidation around data usage and how that impacts personalization to benefit audiences, some soothsaying with caveats, big industry and brand focuses (internal and external), and how these all play out on the devices we use.

File under: Good robot

(our little digital buddies, making the world better through AI and machine learning)

  • “Machine learning and artificial intelligence will create more accurate auto-captions and better describe images for those who cannot see.”Catharine McNally, Experience Analyst

  • “Bots will be developed as a standard tool to help people decipher legitimate news from propaganda and trolling.”Annie Stone, Director, Marketing

  • “As always, we in the industry will need to continually remind ourselves that tech serves humans, not the other way around.”Ellie Power, SVP, Delivery

File under: You don’t even know me

(data, security, and personalizationin the attempt to attract and retain audiences)

  • “2019 will mark the first time users walk away (in some significance) from social media platforms that abuse/misuse their personal information.” – Ben Coit, VP, Business Development

  • “As digital innovation in healthcare creates customized customer experiences, companies and providers will uncover an unprecedented wealth of data. Investments in systems and staff to leverage that data will drive successful patient acquisition, patient lifecycles, clinical outcomes and reduction in healthcare costs for years to come.”Kellye Rogers, Director, Solutions Strategy

  • “I think personalization is going to take firm root, and micro-personalized content (or micro-influences or personalized suggestions) will be a huge thing by the end of the year, mostly governed by AI and machine learning.”Tobby Hagler, Director, Engineering in App Development

  • “I feel like people have less and less tolerance for bullshit and noise. And we will continue to see an appetite for content that clearly indicates that the creator understands them, their needs and empathizes with their pain-points.” – Cara Lemieux, Senior Content Strategist

  • “Data protection and privacy will be the top tech issues of 2019. Tech companies will continue to collect the customer data necessary to fuel the rapidly accelerating AI and machine learning innovations that enhance customer experience. However, customers will continue to be increasingly proactive and privacy-savvy about the use of their data. They will readily boycott companies that don’t adequately protect their data and will enthusiastically support lawmakers who advocate for stricter privacy laws (like the California Consumer Privacy Act or proposed federal GDPR-style privacy legislation). In this environment, data protection will become not just a business necessity (to avoid penalties associated with new privacy laws) but a business differentiator that builds brand loyalty by providing customers with something innovative and valuable: a respect for and protection of their privacy.” – Lisa Gilley, General Counsel

  • “With customer expectations rising more and more rapidly (and developments like GDPR as catalysts), organizations are pushing hard to consolidate their customer information and use it to deeply personalize the customer experience; we already see a heightened interest in CDPs as a part of this trend. In 2019, this demand for a 360° view of the customer will grow exponentially. In line with this, we'll see integrations (both pre-built and custom built) come further to the forefront, as organizations seek to tailor their unique tech stack in a human-forward way.”Karina Schuelke, Strategist

File under: Side quest

(when bleeding edge becomes bleeding norm)

  • “Event-driven API design will start to become more prominent & GraphQL will be labeled as the silver-bullet for all API problems (hint: it's not).”Frank Febbraro, CTO

  • “The rates of adoption in automation, AI, and disruptive supply/delivery chain methodologies will affect the "when" and "by how much" of the deliverer/deliveree ratio. In the future, 85% of the population will make a living by delivering things to the other 15%. Entire career paths will be grossly rerouted or erased entirely as the tech-enabled service-as-gig economy becomes the norm.” – HK Kahng, Developer

  • "Online branding will attempt to push into the VR space, but the technology will not be widely adopted enough to see it make any waves."Jeff Wax, Senior Developer

  • “Serverless application frameworks will continue to blow up...and hopefully get a new name in the process.”Terry Stephenson, VP, Business Development

  • Bonus: “Aliens will be discovered.”Maximilian Gale, Business Development Manager

File under: Eye of Mordor

(brand equity and design in focus)

  • “In 2019, the trend of brands being expected to show radical transparency and to be scrutinized for authenticity will only grow in the environment of the ever more socially conscious consumer and a highly charged political environment. Brands will be increasingly rewarded for shining a light on their true character and humanity and punished harshly for ethical breaches and lack of transparency.”  – Caitlin Loos, Director, Creative Services

  • “Micro-animations will embrace their full potential in 2019, being used in ever more engaging ways across a variety of media types.” – Linzi Lloyd, Designer

  • Bonus: “This year, within Talent Acquisition at P2, Diversity and Inclusion went way beyond just a concept or industry buzzwords. We really tried to focus on what we could do in addition to messaging and awareness. There's a collective energy to D&I and I'm really excited to see how it will continue to grow in 2019.” – Matt Niblock, Director, Talent Acquisition

  • Bonus+: “Data Visualization will continue to become a powerfully used method in the coming year. I predict that in 2019 it will become the primary way of conveying crucial information to potential and existing clients.” – Alla Nikiforov, Design Apprentice

File under: Great (X)pectations

(interacting with the world via digital experiences)

  • “Organizations of all kinds are going to accelerate the expansion of their digital footprints beyond the website. This trend is powered in part by generational demographics and the increased size, power and sophistication of mobile devices. It is also the result of improved AI and machine learning on conversational interfaces like voice, text and chat. Additionally, connected devices, wearables, and other digital receivers like set top boxes are taking over where web interaction was once necessary. All of these advances are expanding the touchpoints to consumers in new directions and forcing brands that want to reach them to expand the channels in which they attempt to provide a digital experience.”Jeff Walpole, CEO

  • “Conversational interfaces will start to eclipse usage of traditional websites and mobile apps. Making it even more critical to optimize brand content for voice search.”Mike Mangi, Director, Digital Strategy

  • “I predict 2019 is going to be the year video totally overtakes audio for our communications—in work and in life. It’s a better way to connect with folks. Forget phone calls—everything has a screen and a camera now, and my niece doesn’t use anything but FaceTime.”Felicia Haynes, VP, Account Services

  • “As companies continue to release their bespoke digital experiences, gamification will be increasingly implemented. Once basic user functionality is met, resources can be reallocated and delight—in the form of gamification—as a competitive edge in 2019.”Sedona Rigsby, Designer

  • Bonus: “Big box retailers like Walmart or Target will double down on voice commerce and regain control of the consumer landscape and beat Amazon at the game it created. Removing friction with consumers and further simplifying the way consumers shop. Walmart has already proven the concept with a partnership with Google, but to take it to the next level, they will take the concept across devices and platforms, giving consumers what they want.” – TJ Garvin, Account Director

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