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At Phase2, we advise some of the world’s leading organizations on how to develop and improve their digital experiences. This work requires exceptional skills, which those of us who are managers play a key role in nurturing in our employees.
Join Phase2 and Webster Bank as they dig into what it means to achieve consumer connection in banking. Reimagining digital platforms to enable personalization, promote flexibility and scalability, and provide a consistent experience through every channel is essential to success.
Digital Strategy
There have been many site-builder tools for building flexible layouts in Drupal including Field Collection, Panels, and Paragraphs. But only one of them is part of Drupal core: Layout Builder. Layout Builder provides a clean and user friendly drag-and-drop editorial experience.
Join Phase2 as we discuss how to leverage effective change management techniques to help keep your projects on track - even when you're not in charge.
Virtual Event
Join Phase2 Strategists Annie Stone and Karina Schuelke as they discuss implementing multi-touch attribution to help your marketing efforts thrive. Unlock insights in your data, create targeted and strategic testing opportunities, and provide new approaches to consider as you plan future iterations of your marketing strategy.
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