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We have over 80 senior performing team members drawn from a spectrum of fields and expertise. Our culture stems from a team that is a blend of social super-nerds, creative geniuses, and deep thinkers.

Working with influential, global organizations, Phase2 goes beyond the development and production services provided by most small- to mid-sized agencies. Our team members have the expertise and drive to not only build problem-solving tools, but to dig deeper and discover the true source of client challenges while maintaining the personal, high-touch client relationship that is so often lacking from the larger consultancies.

Phase2 believes our greatest impact comes from advisory, support, trust, and mutual buy-in to a common mission. We deliver a deep understanding of organizational goals and obstacles, and provide the technology, processes, and support necessary to help clients become more successful.


Andre Hood
Mike Morris
Rich Tolocka
Nicole Lind
Scott Hockett

Stacey Febbraro
Molly Fitzgerald
Chris Garing
Chris Johnson
Doug Marcey
Steven Merrill
Shawn Mole
Nate Parsons
Greg Wilson
Chris Strahl
Jonathan Adams
Robert Bates
Brad Blake
Christopher Bloom
Molly Byrnes
Tirdad Chaharlengi
Peter Cho
Chris Clark
Tim Cosgrove
Jeff Crisamore
Sophia Christodoulou
Mike Crittenden
Casey Etzel
Hunter Fox
Micah Godbolt
Megan Godwin
Danny Groh
Joey Groh
Eden Gwyn
Tobby Hagler
Felicia Haynes
Jordan Hirsch
Randall Knutson
Ben Kress
Joshua Lieb
Evan Lovely
Sammie Lynch
Christiann MacAuley
Sean MacCath-Moran
Brian McMurray
Catharine McNally
Danielle Miller
Jeannette Miller
Fredric Mitchell
Brandon Morrison
Dan Muzyka
Brian Nash
Thomas Neff
Sara Olson
Olivia Phillips
Mike Potter
Leslie (Ellie) Power
Nalini Rao
Bill Renk
Kellye Rogers
Adam Ross
Carlos Ruiz
Dave Ruse
Nina Samberg
Elenita Sanchez
Laura Schoppa
Peter Schuelke
Joema Scott
Sharon Smith
Tracy Smith
Drew Stephens
Annie Stone
Ray Stuart
Erik Summerfield
Karen Taylor
Chauncey Thorn
Joe Turgeon
Joshua Turton
Eduardo Velez
Brad Wade
Giezelle White
John Robert Wilson


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