Frank Febbraro Discusses Federal Health Insurance Tech Challenges On NPR

npr logoOur own Frank Febbraro was a guest speaker on NPR this morning. Today’s “All Tech Considered” discussed the new federal health insurance website launch, and the technical glitches that users have experienced.  As CTO here at Phase2, Frank has extensive experience working with large scale, high profile web platforms and websites, and specific experience building large-scale systems for the White House, Homeland Security, and other federal agencies.

He explains, ”systems of this scale are very difficult. You know, Facebook wasn’t built in a day.”  Frank continues by explaining the challenge of large-scale web performance…”when you have so many people hitting the site all at the same time, each asking a question that is basically unique, you require a lot of horsepower to be able to process that, for each individual.” We are thrilled that Frank was able to share his expertise with NPR today, check out the whole segment here!