The Future of Open Atrium

Drupalcon is once again upon us. Thousands of community members are gathering in Denver to talk shop, learn, socialize and most importantly share ideas and write code.

Developers and Designers will be tracking down maintainers of modules that are the heros (or sometime nemesis) of their projects, learning what the current status is and whats in store for the future.

These questions will be, I suspect, the top questions about Open Atrium.

I’ve plenty of ideas on this, which I’ll speak about in a moment, but the real answer to what’s in store for Open Atrium is going to be, “It depends.”

It Depends

Sound scary? It shouldn’t, because it depends… on you. Community members who are Developers or Designers should, and will shape the future of Open Atrium.

The initial development of Open Atrium was done internally, with it’s first beta released out to the community. Since then there’s been thousands of sites building on Open Atrium, and hundreds of custom features and themes created. The community of developers who are at some level involved in Open Atrium keeps growing. However there’s not been a clear way for community members to actually contribute back to Open Atrium.

Today, we’re launching the Open Atrium Development group if you’re a developer or designer and want to contribute to the future of Open Atrium join this group, and start shaping the future.

What’s this mean?

First let me say what it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean that nothing is going to get done unless you do it. It doesn’t mean wild west coding. It doesn’t mean every feature under the sun is getting put in the distro.

What it does mean is that we’ll be working with key community members that show interest and aptitude to set up additional maintainers, so that it’s not just me.

It means taking advantage of the new Distribution Packaging setup on

And most importantly, it means getting more people committing patches, testing OA on new modules/core releases, answering support questions on

Now On With The Show

Recently the Open Atrium team here drafted a memo for the other Phase2 folks headed to DrupalCon with our thoughts on the direction of Open Atrium, where that should take us in order to get feedback.

Of course not everyone in the Drupal Community could attend, so for the rest of us I’ve made that available here. I encourage anyone interested in taking Open Atrium to the next level, join the Open Atrium Development group, read my thoughts on Open Atrium 2, comment, share, leave feedback. Identify something that interests you and join in.

Together we can continue making Open Atrium a world class project management platform.