Lessons Learned DrupalCon London: Day 1

With 1,750 attendees, DrupalCon London is (not surprisingly) Europe’s largest DrupalCon ever. In fact, attendance was expanded in the final weeks leading up to the conference as a result of the continually growing waiting list. Additional space was procured to make this happen.

Aside from all the invaluable information I picked up from attending sessions and vendor booths, there was a lot of other interesting tidbits of information that I thought was interesting enough to share.

Drupal has the .edu market

In the keynote, Dries mentions that media and entertainment companies worldwide are settling on Drupal as their CMS of choice. Among some of the most surprising statistics Dries mentioned is that 39% of all .edu websites are running Drupal. This means that Drupal is not only meeting the needs of schools worldwide, but also that students are getting exposed to Drupal prior to beginning their post-graduation job search.

Drush tricks

While attending a “Data Migration in Drupal”, Moshe Weitzman demonstrated some cool Drush tricks. Simply typing “drush” on the command line will list possible Drush commands. But using “drush –filter=moduleName” will let you filter that list, making it much easier to find the Drush commands that you’re looking for.

Migration documentation

Also in the Migration session, Moshe demonstrated that the best place to find helpful migration documentation is in beer.inc, which makes total sense if you think about it.

Session Information and slides: Data Migration into Drupal

Workbench: Managing Content Management

Attending a session on the new Workbench module, I learned a lot about using the module itself. It’s a fairly valuable module to have to solve a number of different use cases, such as limiting access to things like groups of taxonomy terms (which is really useful for editors from different departments within a given office structure).

Session Information and slides: Workbench: Managing Content Management

Rest of the week

Here’s a list of sessions I’m looking forward to for the rest of the week: