Ideation Feature for Drupal

Phase2 has been championing the Drupal distribution movement together with Development Seed for a while now. These two companies have created some of the most well-known, best supported, and advanced distributions in the community: Open Atrium, OpenPublish, Managing News and Tattler (App).

Through close collaboration and with the support of the greatest open-source CMS community we know, we’ve made Drupal distributions as one of the top priorities on the Drupal roadmap; and have shaped the infrastructure of distribution development in Drupal. The release of the Ideation feature module on is a great testament to this productive relationship. Development Seed initially built the crowd-sourced idea-generation module for the US Deparment of Education. Details of the module functionality and project have been blogged at the Development Seed blog.

The remarkable part of the news is that Development Seed has built the feature according to the module-interoperability guidelines depicted in the Kit specification. Kit-compliance for the module means that Ideation feature can be used in other distributions as well. Phase2 Technology has been in continuous discussions with Development Seed and today we are announcing our commitment to fully integrate the Ideation module into OpenPublish, our online publishing distribution. Next, we’ll upgrade the module to Drupal7 and release it with our distribution tailored for government needs: OpenPublic (to be released in beta for DrupalCon Chicago in early March). We are very excited about the Ideation tool, its innovative feature set, and the first great example of cross-distribution compatibility in a feature module.

Check out Development Seed’s demo of Ideation in action:

Welcome to Idea Engine from Development Seed on Vimeo.