When Moshe Weitzman posted his idea for a Drupal community initiative called DrupalGive on Drupal.org, we knew we wanted to get on board. As Moshe simply explains, Drupalgive is a page that organizations publish on their website to highlight the ways they have contributed to Drupal with the intent to educate clients and partners about the Drupal community and also "nudge" other organizations to contribute.

By nature, open source software is dependent on contribution. As Drupal matures, organizations are using it to build bigger, more complex websites. It is therefore more important than ever to contribute and share within our community in order encourage further innovation.

We are proud to announce the launch of our own DrupalGive page, designed by Dave Ruse and developed by Tirdad Chaharlengi and Josh Cooper.

Our page highlights 4 different ways we contribute to Drupal:


We recently posted a blog about our contributions to the Large Scale Drupal Initiative (LSD)  Specifically Site Preview System, read more about the project and this module here.


We are a proud silver sponsor of DrupalCon Munich. We’ve been busy in Munich with some great collaborative sessions:


We maintain 4 distributions: OpenPublic, OpenPublish, Open Atrium and Managing News.  We are excited about the most recent OpenPublish release including a new demo theme: Gazette.  Stay tuned for the impending OpenPublic release!


We make sure we post as many of our session slides as we can, to promote Drupal Learning. Look out for our DrupalCon Munich session slides posted soon to our slideshare.

We had a lot of fun putting our Drupalgive page together, we look forward to our contribution lists growing, and using other organization’s Drupalgive pages to stay informed and up to date on the latest Drupal contributions. 

  • DizzyC

    Well.. it looks like you drupalgive page is missing.. 404

    Lost during update of the site?

    It’s a pitty though as your drupalgive page is linked from some articles trying to promote the /drupalgive initiative.

  • disqus_LsIdNuBMYh

    We are working on getting our DrupalGive page migrated as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

  • phase2tech

    It appears that the page got lost during the migration from the old site. We are currently working on getting it transferred over. Thanks for your patience with this matter.