Senior Developer Josh Caldwell specializes in pairing a beautiful, intuitive interface with a solid, well-designed backend product. His ability to identify open-source solutions and front-end capabilities allows him to write impressive, cross-browser-compatible code.


Before joining us, Josh worked as a developer in the Office of Information Technology at the Baltimore County Government. During college, he worked extensively on the University of Maryland’s pedestrian mapping system, called TerpNav. His programming capabilities include .NET, C, C#, Java, Javascript, and PHP.


“Programming is in a lot of ways an art form. Making something that’s ‘good enough’ isn’t my goal, I want to make a beautiful, impressive application that surpasses expectations. Developers who don’t love programming have a hard time going past ‘good enough’.”


Josh earned a BS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland.

Q & A

What’s your favorite application, tool, or other work-related item?

Sublime Text is awesome

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Hike the Appalachian trail or Tour Greece and Italy – not sure which I would prefer

What are your favorite technologies right now?


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Georgia Technology Authority